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Building An Empire Next Level Edition By Brian Carruthers

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The Most Complete Blueprint to Building a Massive Network Marketing Business!
Part Number: 51695
Feature: All New Expanded Version with nearly 300 Pages
Feature: All New Chapters
Feature: New Breakthroughs
Feature: For Serious Network Marketers Who Are Ready to Hit The Next Level!

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The Best Network Marketing Book Just Got (a LOT) Better

Once you read this blueprint, you’ll finally know HOW TO ...

"Build YOUR Network Marketing EMPIRE!"

For Serious Network Marketers Who Are Ready to Hit The Next Level!

Next Level Edition:
  • Expanded Version with nearly 300 pages
  • All-new chapters
  • New Learnings
  • New breakthroughs
See the details of the new content below...

Why this book is a MUST

After 19 years of building a downline team of over 400,000 distributors, personally recruiting over 1400 people, and helping countless people become top leaders and earners, I decided to spend 18 months of late nights writing this book to fill the void of not having a single resource in all of network marketing that laid out EVERYTHING that one needs to learn to build a massive business. I felt that if I recruited a person in a far-away place and gave them this book, they would have all the knowledge (that took me 14 years and 20,000+ hours of grinding-it-out experience) to build their own empire. This one book, with more than 100 chapters and nearly 300 pages, can literally cut years off your learning curve. To know about this book’s existence, and not read it, is insane.


This BOOK is ...
"The Most Complete Blueprint to Building 
a Massive Network Marketing Business!"

Building a Network Marketing Empire just got a little easier...

Here's what you'll discover in this TACTIC-packed BOOK from Brian Carruthers:

"My friend and Network Marketing superstar, Brian Carruthers, has just released a new book called “Building An Empire: The Most Complete Blueprint to Building a Massive Network Marketing Business.” Every person in the Network Marketing Pro community should get a copy. Be sure to spread the word. It’s really good!" 

 Eric Worre
 Network Marketing Legend  

I’m happy and excited to recommend this book to anyone in network marketing! "You provided the best how-to information I’ve ever read on building a network marketing organization. It was “HOW TO DO IT” from a person who DID IT exactly as he is showing the reader. And, you showed the reader HOW HE OR SHE COULD DO IT, as well."  

Bob Burg 

  • Section 1IntroductionWe'll get started with your future!I'll share with you all about the story of money and leveraged income and why you should decide to build a network marketing business. We'll dive into the difference between your network marketing business vs. your job. I'll also talk about the learning curve so you'll know what to expect when building your business.
  • Section 2The SYSTEM. Starting Your Business vs. Launching It. Be System Driven. Without having a clearly-defined system that your team is operating within, you will never get duplication. Then we'll get into the TOOLS And Events. How to do Three-Way Calls and how High Tech Meets High Touch, plus much more.
  • Section 3Become A Builder. Here we'll dive into Income Producing Activity, Sorting Through The Numbers, Sorting Vs. Convincing, Overcoming Objections, Using 'Feel, Felt, Found,' Contacting and Inviting, and Flipping Your Approach / Invitation Philosophy. I'll also share with you my F.O.R.M. formula. We'll look at Mirror and Matching, Recruiting Up!, Posture And Confidence For Building Your Network Marketing Business, plus much more. 
  • Section 4Harness The Power Of The Model. First it starts with the Magic Of Recruiting And Exponential Growth. Then we'll move to The Power Of One (More). I'll cover Building Depth For Strength and Synergy. We'll also look at ... Recruit To Invite Vs. Invite To Recruit. How to use Urgency And Fear Of Loss, along with my Dangle The Carrot method for FAST GROWTH in your business.
  • Section 5Motivate Your Empire. Here it starts with Leadership Vs. Management. Then we'll get into How To Paint The Vision and Praise Progress and Contests To Create Activity. Then will look at Inclusion / Exclusion, Creating Team Culture, Call Parties, and my Success Compression method. I'll share with you my 90-Day Run for explosive team growth and how to Inspect What You Expect.
  • Section 6The Mental Game. In this chapter we'll dive into the mental aspect of this business. We'll cover Acting As If and Don’t Drag Your Past Forward. I show you how to Stop Selling, Start Solving. We'll get into Overcoming The Bombshells and How Your Mind Will Play Tricks On You. I'll talk about how to use Stories to Inspire your prospects and team members. We'll talk about Congruence and the Two Jars and Some Marbles method. Then we'll get into What Really Drives You, plus much more.

  • Section 7: Modeling Your EmpireDiscover what separates Top Earners from average networkers and how you can be at the top of your game. We'll also get into other areas you'll want to know about like goal setting, how to treat It like a business, and the ultimate day (my typical day).
  • Section 8: The Builder’s Actions and Behaviors. In this last chapter we'll get into all these MUST-KNOW areas when it comes to building your network marketing empire. We'll cover things like: Journaling Your Journey, Be Like an Ant, ESP, Positive Down, Negative Up, Managing Your Contacts, Avoiding End-Of-Month Crunch, Scholarship Method, Networking Groups, Support, Spouse And Family, and Focus On The Starfish (you'll love this one).
  • And So Much More ...
You're going to love this book — and best of all you'll now have the exact steps you need to take in order to start building your network marketing empire!

To your success,
Brian Carruthers

If you thought the original Building an Empire was good, I can’t wait for you and your team to get this revised edition! It’s time for your business to go to the NEXT LEVEL! Here are some of the new chapter:

  • Game Plan Interview – This is exactly how to onboard and do a game plan call with each new recruit. How you start them off in their first 24 hours is critical!
  • Using PZC’s – Private Zoom Calls have been the dominant way to build this business in this new COVID lockdown world we live in. We had to move with the cheese, and this method is causing network marketing to flourish right now!!
  • The Best Way to Close Prospects After a Presentation – Do you ever question what you should be saying to seal the deal and get the application signed? Here you go, word for word.
  • ?Seeking “Me Too” Approach With Prospects – Relating to your prospects is hyper-important. Learn this if you want to connect better and get their trust and interest.
  • The Ultimate Secret Weapon for Recruiting – We all want the most effective tools to help us build, and this is it. Apps!
  • Fear Proof and Skill Proof Campaigns - If you can create actions that EVERY person on your team can do easily, that eliminates the typical fear and need to learn everything first… you will be able to move the whole flock and create momentum. This is what we did this year that helped us create over 100% increase in recruiting in 60-90 days.
  • ?Maximizing Impact Through Facebook – This needed to be addressed. How can you best harness the platform that has the most eyeballs on it every day? You cannot sit out the social media reality we live in. Leverage it better.
  • The Power of a Mentor – I don’t think people truly get how important a mentor is, nor do they know how to treat that relationship. This topic will help you for the rest of your life.
  • Taking Inventory and Whiteboarding – You can’t grow what you can’t measure. If you don’t know your numbers, and your people’s numbers, you’re dead in the water. Let me help make this clear and easy for you to do.

Next Level Edition:

For Serious Network Marketers Who Are Ready to Hit The Next Level!

Brian wrote this book after 14 years and having earned 8-figures, and it took him 18 months to write it all down for you to have in your hands.  The information contained in this manual is worth millions.

The world as you have known it is about to change.

Not for everyone, but for those who harness the power of the network marketing business model as a catalyst of change.

The beauty of this business you’ve engaged in is that you are not having to pioneer something new or something that’s never been done before. Actually, you should be excited that the network marketing profession has already created thousands of millionaires and countless stories of people replacing incomes, quitting their jobs to work for themselves, or creating additional income streams.

Network marketing is the ultimate business model for creating leverage — both of time and of income. Network marketing will allow you to own a business that you can design to fit around your life, while a traditional business requires you to fit your life around it … and hence it owns you.

You are not entering into an abyss of the unknown. It is not that freedom has never been achieved in this business model before. There are thousands who are living the dream life already. In fact, this book will provide you the blueprint or roadmap to guide you step by step through the process to achieve what the other success stories have achieved.

“Imagine a life of complete and utter freedom…”

You work for no one, you are the owner of your own business, you earn income from the efforts of an army of others, you call your own shots, you have no ceiling on what you can earn, and you make a living while making a difference!

Show me another way in which I can have fun, make money, and help others — all at the same time — and I am right behind you. I have never found a better way than network marketing.

“This business is your KEY to freedom…”

You have a proven business model.

Now let’s tap into the greatness that is planted inside of you and create something magnificent that you can be proud of. My goal with this “Building an Empire” is to give to you $1 million worth of knowledge for the cost of a dinner at a medium rate restaurant.

I have read several books on network marketing over my 18 years so far in this profession, but few I would recommend to my team to read. Most of the authors I read had never personally built anything substantial, at least not as big of a business that I was seeking to build.

So I decided to fill that void, and give those who seek it the inside look at how I learned to build one of the industry’s biggest teams. But before we begin, let me humbly say that I learned so much by gathering knowledge from so many. I was fortunate to have incredible mentors, both near and from afar.

“This book is my chance to pay it forward…”

Since it didn’t exist — and I always wished I had one — I wanted to write the ultimate, complete A-Z blueprint on everything it takes to go from scratch to a seven-figure income in network marketing.

This book is designed to be your “everything resource” for your entire career in building your business into an empire. My goal is for this book to be held up in the air during many top award acceptance speeches, attributing it to the massive success the industry’s new top earners have experienced in their rise to the top.

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