Combo Pack Household Gold & Pro-Sumer Power II!

Combo Pack Household Gold & Pro-Sumer Power II!

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  • Combo Pack Includes:3 Household Gold Books & 3 Pro-Sumer Power II! Books
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6 Books for the price of 5! 
Receive 3 HouseHold Gold Books & 3 Pro-Sumer Power II! Books.

x3 Pro-Sumer Power II! Books

Product Details:


Prosumer Power II!


Spend money


Make Money


Can do both!

How to Create Wealth by Being Smarter, Not Cheaper, and Referring Others to Do the Same by Bill Quain, Ph.D.


Shoppers are spending more and more of their money at giant wharehouse stores and deep discount e-commerce sites. but being cheaper isn't necessarily the same as being smarter. Here are some thought-provoking questions shoppers should ask themselves.

  • Has your favorite store ever paid you for recommending their products?
  • Do stores give you the opportunity to earn money, as well as spend money?
  • If you owned a Wal-Mart, would you shop at K-Mart?
  • Has discount store ever asked you to become an equity partner?
  • Are you getting rich on the e-commerce explosion?

if the answer to these questions is "no", then you need to read this book!

According to marketing expert Dr. Bill Quain, average people can produce above-average wealth through the power of pro-suming.

Pro-Sumer Power II! is a must read for people who would love the opportunity to create income- instead of only "out-go" when they shop.

x3 HouseHold Gold Books-

Household GOLD (How to Convert Household Expenses into Household Income)

You May Own Your Own House
(But Who Owns Your Household?)

"Today, almost 70% of Americans own their own homes. And for good reason. As a homeowner, you're benefiting from the equity in your real estate.

But wouldn't it be great if you could benefit from the equity in your "Retail Estate,that is, the products and services in your household that you purchased from retail stores?

You would't allow your mortgage company to profit from the equity in your real estate, would you? Obviously, NO!

Then why allow retailers to profit from equity in your Retail Estate,™?

That's what this book is about - I intend to show you how you can profit from the household essentials that everyone buys and uses on a regular basis.

I call these products and services "Household Gold ™" because millions of houses around the globe are packed with trillions of dollars of Retail Estate™ just waitings to be mined.

If you're interest in making money instead of spending money on products and services you have to buy anyway, then read this book. Today!
Dr. Steve W. Price"

Dr. Steve W. Price
Business Owner
Real Estate Investor

A former teacher and coach, Dr. Steve Price has written or co-authored more than a dozen books on personal growth and free enterprise. To date his books have sold several million copies and been translated into 20 languages. Dr price has invested in real estate for 30 years and continues to acquire and manage properties in Tampa, Florida.

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