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Front Cover
Front Cover

Contact Capital: How to turn your contacts into cashflow by Bob Proctor

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Somebody IS Making Money On Your Contacts -- WHY NOT YOU?
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The rules of business have changed.

In the Old Economy, when manufacturing was king, capital was mostly tangible -- Gold, money, land, buildings, ect. In Today's New Economy, when marketing is king, the most valuable capital is intangible -- contacts, creativity, intellect, brand name recognition, reputation, ect.

Not everyone has the creativity and intellect to prosper in today's hi-tech economy. But all of us do have contacts. Which is why contact capital -- more than intellectual capital or financial capital or any other capital -- will become the coin of the realm in the years ahead.

Someone, somewhere, is turning your contacts into cashflow by selling them products and services they need and want. Since somebody is making money on your contacts, why not you?

Why not now?

This book will explain why contact capital is your most valuable asset and identify the best way to convert those contacts into cashflow.

Leverage your contacts... and live your dreams!

Classic Image Illustrates the Power of Touch

The image on the front cover is a rendering of one of the most famous and copied artworks in history -- a close-up from Michelangelo's painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel depicting God giving Adam the spark of Life. Although completed nearly 500 years ago, Michelangelo's iconic image still strikes a chord with viewers today because it reminds us of a modern-day truth--that technology is a supplement to, not a substitute for our most valuable asset, our relationships.

Technology, no matter how pervasive or sophisticated, can never take the place of touch-nology. As I write in this book, "There's no replacement for human touch.

"You can't digitize a hug or a handshake.
"You can't e-mail eye contact.
"You can't text message a touch."

This book is about getting back in touch with touch. Touching people will do wonders for your business life. Your personal life. And your soul. This book is dedicated to every business owner and entrepreneur who is developing the understanding of how to turn contacts into capital.

Bob Proctor

Table of Contents:

Chapter   1   What Is Capital and How Is It Changing?
Chapter   2   Tangible vs. Intangible Capital: And the Winner Is...?
Chapter   3   The e-volution of Capitalism 3.0
Chapter   4   Facebook.com vs. Face-toFace
Chapter   5   Welcome to the Age of the Entrepreneur
Chapter   6   Referral Marketing: The Best Vehicle for Converting Contact Capital into Cashflow
Chapter   7   How Others Are Making Cash on ... Your Contacts!
Chapter   8   Endless Contacts
Chapter   9   Your Actions Speak So Loud I can't Hear What You're Saying

About Bob Proctor
Author - Speaker - Life Coach

Author of the international bestseller " You Were Born Rich" Bob Proctor is a direct link to the modern science of success and the Law of Attraction, dating back to Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill.

Bob knows how to help others because he comes from a life of want and limitation himself. In 1960, he was a high school dropout with a long resume of dead-end jobs when his life was transformed by Napoleon Hill's classic book Think and Grow Rich.

For the last 40 years , Bob has traveled the globe teaching others how to unlock their mind potential, transforming the lives of millions through his books, programs, seminars, and personal coaching.

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