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Master Builders Kit by Brian Carruthers

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The Most Complete Blueprint to Building a Massive Network Marketing Business!
Part Number: 324
Feature: MONEY MINDSET: Wealth Building Roadmap for Network Marketers
Feature: BUILDING an EMPIRE Next Level Edition: The Most Complete Blueprint to Building a Massive Network Marketing Business
Feature: UNTRAPPED FREEDOM MANIFESTO: Become an Entrepreneur to Escape the Grind and Find Freedom & Happiness
Feature: FREE BONUS: MAKING MY FIRST TEN MILLION: The Story of Money & Leveraged Income

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The Master Builders kit can help you achieve success in Network Marketing faster than you ever thought possible. Learn from one of the very best business builders in the Network Marketing industry. 

“Imagine a life of complete and utter freedom…”

You work for no one, you are the owner of your own business, you earn income from the efforts of an army of others, you call your own shots, you have no ceiling on what you can earn, and you make a living while making a difference!

Includes the following best selling books:

“You’re About To Discover The ONE BOOK That Could Change Your Network Marketing Business FOREVER!”

Brian wrote this book after 14 years and having earned 8-figures, and it took him 18 months to write it all down for you to have in your hands.  The information contained in this manual is worth millions.

The world as you have known it is about to change.

Not for everyone, but for those who harness the power of the network marketing business model as a catalyst of change.

The beauty of this business you’ve engaged in is that you are not having to pioneer something new or something that’s never been done before. Actually, you should be excited that the network marketing profession has already created thousands of millionaires and countless stories of people replacing incomes, quitting their jobs to work for themselves, or creating additional income streams.

Network marketing is the ultimate business model for creating leverage — both of time and of income. Network marketing will allow you to own a business that you can design to fit around your life, while a traditional business requires you to fit your life around it … and hence it owns you.

You are not entering into an abyss of the unknown. It is not that freedom has never been achieved in this business model before. There are thousands who are living the dream life already. In fact, this book will provide you the blueprint or roadmap to guide you step by step through the process to achieve what the other success stories have achieved.

“Imagine a life of complete and utter freedom…”

You work for no one, you are the owner of your own business, you earn income from the efforts of an army of others, you call your own shots, you have no ceiling on what you can earn, and you make a living while making a difference!

Show me another way in which I can have fun, make money, and help others — all at the same time — and I am right behind you. I have never found a better way than network marketing.

“This business is your KEY to freedom…”

You have a proven business model.

Now let’s tap into the greatness that is planted inside of you and create something magnificent that you can be proud of. My goal with this “Building an Empire” is to give to you $1 million worth of knowledge for the cost of a dinner at a medium rate restaurant.

I have read several books on network marketing over my 18 years so far in this profession, but few I would recommend to my team to read. Most of the authors I read had never personally built anything substantial, at least not as big of a business that I was seeking to build.

So I decided to fill that void, and give those who seek it the inside look at how I learned to build one of the industry’s biggest teams. But before we begin, let me humbly say that I learned so much by gathering knowledge from so many. I was fortunate to have incredible mentors, both near and from afar.

“This book is my chance to pay it forward…”

Since it didn’t exist — and I always wished I had one — I wanted to write the ultimate, complete A-Z blueprint on everything it takes to go from scratch to a seven-figure income in network marketing.

This book is designed to be your “everything resource” for your entire career in building your business into an empire. My goal is for this book to be held up in the air during many top award acceptance speeches, attributing it to the massive success the industry’s new top earners have experienced in their rise to the top.

Your FREEDOM awaits you … and it’s breathtaking!

If lately you have felt stuck, felt trapped, and have been questioning if this is all there is, your unrest is not uncommon. Frankly, it’s your subconscious self (your soul) raising its hand to get your attention. There is so much more to life than trading a majority of your daylight hours for a paycheck, regardless of the amount. You may be fed up with saying, “Sorry, we can’t afford it” to your spouse, or “Sorry, I can’t be on your field trip” to your child, or “Next time …” to your friends.

USE this book as your go-to tool to build your empire.

  • Use this book to help you recruit
  • Use this book to motivate your team members
  • Re-Read this yourself to remind you of why YOU need to build with urgency

If you’re tired of the shackles of a life that’s left you feeling stuck and unfulfilled, UNTRAPPED will inspire, motivate, and recalibrate you to the life of success you were meant to live!

“How To Develop Your Money Mindset and Create the Wealth You’ve Always Imagined!”

So you're making money in network marketing. Now What?

As network marketers begin making extra money from their new side business, they do not have a plan for how to pay the least taxes, keep the most money, and invest it properly. They usually spend all the new money they are earning.

It is great to have a new earnings vehicle, but it is still futile without learning how to be smart with your money.

Until you understand money and how to attract it, keep and grow it, you are likely to just spin your wheels spending every dollar that comes in the door.

How would you like to go DEBT FREE while BUILDING WEALTH faster than you ever thought possible?

“Why Brian is Qualified to Teach You About Creating Wealth…”

Having earned an 8-figure income by building a team of more than 450,000 distributors, Brian Carruthers has devoted himself to teaching not just how to make millions, but how to be worth millions.

Money Mindset will be your ticket to the wealth-building fast lane — and is a must-read for every network marketer on the planet.


When you order right now you will get a free copy of The Little Green Book That Could Tripple Your Recruiting!

How would you like to only talk to and meet with people who have a red hot, burning desire to create a big income?

Wouldn’t that make your business much more fun? This book represents the key to the door of receptivity. It will be the spark to ignite that burning desire in your audience.

The book has been priced so that it can be given away as your calling card – a card that will resonate and speak to people when you are not there. This book is the seed that you will plant, which will in turn create a bountiful harvest.

“The ULTIMATE Prospecting Tool…”

The book weighs one ounce and can be mailed with one stamp in a long envelope. Just one avenue. Of course, handing it out maybe even better.

This book was written to serve two purposes. The first goal is to help change the reader’s mindset and philosophy about money, and to help him/her begin to attract money like never before.

The second purpose for this book is to be used by marketers as a tool to open the minds of people they would like to introduce to their business model. A common challenge for anyone in the home based business world is to find people who are open and interested in hearing about their business.

By leading with this book, you will be swinging open their mental door of receptivity. Once open, you can walk right in and share your incredible life-changing business to a receptive ear.

History and experience show that talking to someone who is not consciously interested in creating wealth will always be met with resistance.

“SPEED UP Your Recruiting and With This Book”

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