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Master Your Time, Master Your Life The Breakthrough System to Get More Results, Faster, in Every Area of Your Life
Master Your Time, Master Your Life The Breakthrough System to Get More Results, Faster, in Every Area of Your Life

Master Your Time, Master Your Life by Brian Tracy

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Master Your Time, Master Your Life The Breakthrough System to Get More Results, Faster, in Every Area of Your Life Written by Brian Tracy
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From the bestselling author of Eat That Frog!, a breakthrough program for strategically managing your time in the 10 most importantcrucial ways areas of your life, so you can accomplish much more, faster and more easily --and have more time for what you love!

Discover 10 Essential Ways to Make the Most of Your Time

“Time is money,” as the saying goes, but most of us never feel we have enough of either. In Master Your Time, Master Your Life, internationally acclaimed productivity expert and bestselling author Brian Tracy presents a brilliant new approach to time management that will help you gain control of your time and accomplish far more, faster and more easily than you ever thought possible.

Drawing on the latest research in productivity science and Tracy’s decades of expertise, this breakthrough program allocates time into ten categories of priority—including strategic planning/goal setting, people and family, income improvement, rest/relaxation, and even creative time—and reveals the best techniques for focusing on each effectively. By thoughtfully applying the principles in Master Your Time, Master Your Life, you’ll not only achieve greater results and reach your goals more quickly and successfully, you’ll also have more time to devote to what you truly love.


“The best time management book is the one you will use [and] it is hard to imagine a better treatment than this one from Brian Tracy…. This no-nonsense approach will work for anyone who tries it.”
Success Magazine

“Want to learn how to get the most out of your time? Take time to read Master Your Time, Master Your Life. You’ll be glad you did!”
—Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Collaboration Begins with You

“What sets Tracy’s volume apart from other books on the subject is the attention paid to making space for quiet time. He discusses the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in terms of not only goal achievement but also inner peace… This book will be valuable to those looking to be more productive.” —Library Journal
Master Your Time, Master Your Life is brilliant…. I have always wondered how Brian Tracy gets so much done! Now, in his latest book, he lets his secret out of the bag. Masterful!” 
--Robert G. Allen, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Creating Wealth and Nothing Down and the international bestseller, Multiple Streams of Income
“Brian Tracy has done it again: Master Your Time, Master Your Life is both easy to read and highly practical, with a unique focus on ten different categories of time management and their distinct approaches to the use of time. If you’ve ever had the privilege of reading one or more of Brian’s books, you know you are in for a successful, life-changing experience. Enjoy!”
--Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of People Smart in Business and Founder/CVO of Assessments 24x7 
“As the old saying goes ‘time is money,’ and the legendary Brian Tracy gives you a new look at how to manage your time in his new book. Get yours.”
–Grant Cardone, Cardone Training Technologies, Inc.
“One of the greatest self-improvement authors in history has now turned his boundless energy and intellect to tackling perhaps the most important topic we all must master if we are to master life: time management…. Every page is packed with life-changing ideas. Trust me, you will want to keep this book close by the rest of your life.”  
--Vic Conant, Chairman, Nightingale Conant

“What a brilliant concept to allocate time into 10 priorities, then illustrate how, by focusing on each of them, anyone can significantly increase their effectiveness. Read this book and learn the best time usage and time management principles ever discovered.”
 --Joseph Sherren, CSP, HoF, FellowGSF, bestselling author and business transformation specialist

 “This powerful, practical book explains the ten different times of your daily life, and how you can rapidly increase your levels of productivity and personal balance in each area.”--Allan Pease, author of The Definitive Book of Body Language

"Here’s the 'real' secret: You can dream all you want, but if you don’t master your time, you’ll never achieve those big goals. In Brian Tracy’s new book, he provides tangible, practical ideas to turn your dreams in to reality. After reading this book, I feel much more empowered and energized to go forth and conquer!"--Kristin Arnold, President, Quality Process Consultants, Inc., Past President, National Speakers Association, award-winning author

“I have been a fan of Brian Tracy for 25 years and have read all his books. Master Your Time, Master Your Life could be his best work yet! Tracy has discovered a time management principle that will allow you to be more successful than you ever thought possible: each activity and responsibility in your life requires that you take a different approach to time. Simple but profound. Highly recommended!”--Laura Stack, President, The Productivity Pro, Inc., and author of Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time

BRIAN TRACY is a leading international authority on success and achievement and is the bestselling author of Eat That Frog!, among others. He serves as chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations.

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