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The Challenge to Succeed 4-CD Set by Jim Rohn

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The legendary Jim Rohn's most popular seminar presentation in a 4-CD set. Discover five inspirational topics that guide the participant through self-evaluation and commitment, including: the five major pieces to the life puzzle, the power of personal development, the fundamentals for prosperity and success, how to win the battle of the mind, attitude change and the day that turns your life around.

Success is something that is sought after by many people worldwide. A majority of individuals look at people who they admire and wonder what makes them so special. The truth is that success spans from a concoction of multiple ingredients. Anyone can achieve it. As long as you have the knowledge and insight required you can turn your life and work around. This is one of the reasons why the challenge to succeed by Jim Rohn is immensely popular.

It covers topics that are meant to help you challenge yourself to success. The 4-CD set program will help you enrich your life, improve your lifestyle and gain confidence in your business. Jim Rohn is one of the most profound communicators in the world. He is a business philosopher who is respected and admired by experts and individuals alike. He has even been hailed as the modern-day Will Rogers.

He is known to be a gifted storyteller with thought-provoking content and dynamic delivery. His wisdom has made him a key influence on many individuals including personal development trainers such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Tom Hopkins just to mention a few. He is the brains behind the life changing collection of four inspirational audio CDs.

His philosophy for successful living has been shared worldwide and it has transformed the lives of many people. He uses simple, logical messages that teach the five most important pieces of the puzzle of life, the power of personal development and winning strategies that will help you cope with the emotional, physical and mental battles that you will encounter in life. It has all the insight needed to turn both your personal and professional life around.

The challenge to succeed by Jim Rohn 4 CD Audio program was recorder live at his popular one-day seminar. It offers clear and concise step-by-step directions meant to evaluate and elevate your life. You will definitely benefit from the secrets and proven techniques for making your dreams come true and shaping your personal success.

The product covers five inspirational topics that will guide you through self-evaluation and commitment. These includes the five major pieces of the life puzzle, fundamentals of success and prosperity, power of personal development, how to win the mind battle, attitude change and the day that your life will turn around. The challenge to succeed by Jim Rohn is worth every penny. It has the knowledge needed to change your life. This is why it is highly recommended by many people.



The Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle

  • How to Fine Tune Thinking Habits
  • How to Develop an Educated Attitude
  • Why Success is "Doing"
  • Discovering the "Bottom Line"

The Art of Living Well

  • The Power of Personal Development
  • How to Become More Than You Are
  • More of What You Want
  • How to Make the Changes to Become More Than Average
  • How to Be Wealthy and Happy for the Rest of Your Life
  • Personal Skills to Reach Your Potential

The Day That Turns Your Life Around

  • Examine the Incredible Effect of Emotions on Your Life
  • Turning Your Emotions into Profit and Activity
  • An Extraordinary Challenge to Be Successful in All the Dimensions of Your Life

Order this Jim Rohn classic 4-CD set today to inspire and motivate your staff and distributors!



CD 1 offers the basic principles for creating a journey that can be life-changing. You'll learn what makes life worthwhile and what makes it work. The half dozen things that will make 80 percent of the differnence. The best-kept secret of the rich. How a refined philosophy will help you order your life, set goals, and establish your values. Why you need to gather knowledge and determine what is valuable. And how to learn from your own and other people's experiences.

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Welcome from Jim Rohn

Track 3: Beginning of Live Seminar

Track 4: Good Fortune Came My Way

Track 5: Time Is More Valuable Than Money

Track 6: Five Major Pieces to The Life Puzzle

Track 7: Half Dozen Things

Track 8: Philosophy

Track 9: The Set of the Sail

Track 10: Two Parts to Philosophy

Track 11: Two Kinds of Experiences

Track 12: Observe and Listen

Track 13: Success Is Easy

Track 14: Not Much List


CD 2 offers proven methods for shaping your success and discovering a change of attitude that will change your life. You'll learn why you can't neglect the simple things. How change starts with education. How your attitude about the past, the future, others, and yourself can and will impact your goals. How the influence of others can shape your actions. Why your associations with others need to be limited or expanded. And how the secret to the miracle process lies in discipline and labor.

Track 1: Profits Are Better Than Wages

Track 2: A Child and a Dollar

Track 3: A Few Simple Things

Track 4: Read the Books

Track 5: 3 Points, Richest Man Book

Track 6: Walk Away from the 97 Percent

Track 7: What to Put in Your Library

Track 8: Attitude

Track 9: Future Promise

Track 10: Understanding Self-Worth

Track 11: What Shapes Our Attitudes

Track 12: Influence & Assocation

Track 13: Activity

Track 14: Wisdome & Labor


CD 3 offers you effective techniques for achieving the success you desire. You'll learn to do what you can and the best you can. How to develop the skills that will make you more valuable at home and in the workplace. How to ensure that you make measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time. How to analyze the results of your labor and fashion a good life. Why you should set attainable goals. And what you need to study to be wealthy and happy.

Track 1: Miracle Worker

Track 2: Do the Best you Can

Track 3: Labor Versus Rest

Track 4: Skills Make Labor More Valuable

Track 5: Results

Track 6: Check the Numbers

Track 7: Search

Track 8: Lifestyle

Track 9: Happiness Is an Art

Track 10: Personal Development

Track 11: America Is Unique

Track 12: Work Harder on YourSelf

Track 13: Setting Goals


CD 4 offers you the philosophy for successful living. You'll learn how the five major pieces to the life puzzle can turn your life around and start you on a new path to wealth and success. You'll learn how to turn aside the enemies within and how to ask for ehlp along the way. The bonus track will teach you how to take advantage of life as it is-what you need to accept in life and what you need to ignore in order to Succeed.

Track 1: Goal to Become a Millionaire

Track 2: Positive/Negative

Track 3: Ant Philosophy

Track 4: Enemies on the Inside, Part 1

Track 5: Enemies on the Inside, Part 2

Track 6: The Day That Turns Your Life Around, Part 1

Track 7: The Day That Turns Your Life Around, Part 2

Track 8: Four Questions to Ponder, Part 1

Track 9: Four Questions to Ponder, Part 2

Track 10: Ask for God's Help

Track 11: BONUS TRACK: The Parable of the Sower


The Parable of the Sower

It's Jim Rohns most popular- and inspiring-message. You"ll learn that to be successful, you must be a true student of life. Jim Rohn exsplains the law of averages and how opportunity and ability are not always enought- you must let the obvious be your best teacher and take advantage of life as it is. This special bonus track also includes lessons on what to accept in life and what to ignore in order to succeed long term.

Jim Rohn was a world-renowned motivational speaker, counselor, and trainer whose profound messages enriched the lives of millions and served as the foundation for many of the principles shared by today's toppersonal development leaders. For more than forty-six years Jim Rohn devoted his life to the study of human attitudes and behaviors patterns associated with the creation of wealth. His philosophy for successful living demonstrated a deep understanding of the world, and offers practical and sensible techniques that are appropriate for every business and life situation.

" I've been a student of Jim Rohn since 1972. He was the then and still is one of the most profound thinkers and mind-exspanding individuals I have ever had a chance to listen to." - Les Brown , Author of Live Your Dreams

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