The Compound Effect Enhanced Audio Program by Darren Hardy (6 CDs)

The Compound Effect Enhanced Audio Program by Darren Hardy (6 CDs)

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BONUS: Insights, quotes and ancedotes from superachievers such as: Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Paul J. Myer, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Montel Williams, John Maxwell, Jillian Michaels, Rudy Giuliani, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Donny Deutsch, Harvey Mackay, Cal Ripken Jr., Howard Schultz, Bobby Bowden, John Assaraf, Kathy Ireland and John Wooden.

Do you want success?

More success than you have now?

And even more success than you ever imagined possible?

This is what THE COMPOUND EFFECT 6 CD Audio program is all about. Achieving it...

The compound Effect 6 CD Audio program by Darren Hardy contains the essence of what every superachiever needs to know, practice, and master to obtain extraordinary success. Inside you will hear strategies on:

  • How to win-every time!
  • Eradicating the bad habits that are derailing your progress.
  • Painlessly installing the few key disciplines required for major breakthroughs.
  • the real, lasting keys to motivation.
  • Capturing the elusive, awesome force of momentum. Catch this, and you'll be unstoppable.
  • The acceleration secrets of super achievers.

Who is Darren Hardy?

The chair once occupied by Orison Swett Marden, W. Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill, and Og Mandino is where SUCCESS publisher and editorial director Darren Hardy now sits. Darren has been a leader in the personal-development industry for sixteen years, having led two personal-development-based television networks—The People's Network (TPN), and The Success Training Network (TSTN)—producing and launching more than a thousand TV shows, live events, and products and programs with many of the world's top experts.

Darren is a product of the principles he reveals in The Compound Effect. As an entrepreneur, Darren was earning a six-figure income by age eighteen, more than a million dollars a year by age twenty-four, and he owned a company producing $50 million a year in revenue by age twenty-seven. He has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, advised many large corporations, and serves on the board of several companies and nonprofit organizations.

As publisher and editorial director of SUCCESS magazine, Darren is in a unique position to interview leading experts on human performance and achievement, as well as many of today's top CEOs, revolutionary entrepreneurs, superstar athletes, entertainers, and Olympic champions, to uncover and share the success secrets behind their extraordinary success.

Darren's passion for personal development is at the core of his business and life philosophy. He is committed to helping others achieve their potential in order to live richer, more fulfilling lives. Darren is a popular keynote speaker and appears regularly on national radio and TV shows for CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX.

Brian Tracy

"This powerful, practical book, based on years of proven and profi table experience, shows you how to leverage your special talents to maximize the opportunities surrounding you. The Compound Effect is a treasure chest of ideas for achieving greater success than you ever thought possible!"

—Brian Tracy

John C. Maxwell

"The Compound Effect is a must-read book for success seekers. You want to know what it takes? You want to know what to do? It's all in these pages. The Compound Effect is a clear and concise success operation manual!"

—John C. Maxwell

David Bach

"Darren Hardy has written a new bible for the self-improvement space. If you are looking for the real deal—a real program, with real tools that can change your life and make your dreams a reality—The Compound Effect is it! I plan to use this book to go back and look at what I need to again work on in my own life! Buy ten copies, one for yourself and nine more for those you love, and pass them out now—those who get it will thank you!"

—David Bach

Les Brown

"If you are hungry to be successful, this is it. The fundamentals of all the success you ever wanted to achieve condensed into one book. Don't read this; consume it, study it, make it your operation manual for life."

—Les Brown

Harvey Mackay

"Life doesn't come with an instruction manual for success, so Darren Hardy has written one for you. The Compound Effect shows you how small, smart choices add up to transform your life."

—Harvey Mackay

Patrick Lencioni

"The principles in this book are as practical as they are deceptively powerful. I'll be applying it to my fitness, my family, even my faith life."

—Patrick Lencioni

Mark Sanborn

"Darren Hardy has a panoramic view of what it takes to be a success. He's a bona fide expert who shares what he's learned from firsthand experience to help you achieve greater success. This does more than get you pumped up—it gives you a plan. I recommend it!"

—Mark Sanborn

Jack Canfield

"A brilliant formula for living an extraordinary life. Read it, and most important, take action upon it!"

—Jack Canfield

Jeffrey Gitomer

"This book will enable you to climb the ladder of success two steps at a time. Buy it, read it, and bank it."

—Jeffrey Gitomer

Donny Deutsch

"Darren Hardy is in a unique position to aggregate the brainpower of the most successful people in the world and boil it down to what really matters. Simple, direct, and to the point—these are the principles that have guided my life and every top business leader I know. This book will show you the way to your own greater success, happiness, and fulfillment."

—Donny Deutsch

Chris Widener

"The Compound Effect is a brilliant formula for achieving the life of your dreams. Step by step, let it be your guide. Read and study it, but most important, put it into action!"

—Chris Widener

Denis Waitley

"Darren Hardy proves with The Compound Effect that common sense—when applied—yields amazingly uncommon results. Follow these simple steps and become who you were meant to be!"

—Denis Waitley

T. Harv Eker

"The Compound Effect will help you beat the competition, rise above your challenges, and create the life you deserve!"

—T. Harv Eker

Mark Victor Hansen

"Einstein said, "Compounding is the eighth wonder of the world." To compound your successes, read, apprehend, comprehend, and fully use my friend Darren Hardy's brilliance to realize all your dreams, hopes, and desires."

—Mark Victor Hansen

Richard and Linda Eyre

"People who talk about "success" but don't find ways to translate it into their personal lives—into their relationships and their marriages and their families—do not win my respect or my admiration. In fact, their words ring hollow. As long as we have known Darren Hardy, we have never had a conversation where we have not talked about our kids, about our wives, and about how our families are doing. We think Darren knows a lot about achieving success, and even more important, he wants people to achieve it for the right reasons!"

—Richard and Linda Eyre

Stedman Graham

"Daren Hardy's The Compound Effectis a culmination of success principles that is relevant to anyone who needs it! As a thought leader, he is making a significant contribution to our industry. A wonderful book!"

—Stedman Graham

Robin Sharma

"From time to time, you get the opportunity to make the leap from where you now are to where you've always wanted to be. This book is that opportunity. And now is your time. A superb work from a leading light."

—Robin Sharma

Connie Podesta

"I have spent a lifetime helping people get to the bottom line so that they can be successful and achieve instant results, which is why I absolutely love this book and recommend it to all of my clients. Darren has an amazing gift for sharing powerful techniques and telling it like it is so that you can save valuable time and get right to work putting his formula for success into action immediately."

—Connie Podesta

Dr. Tony Alessandra

"If anyone knows the fundamentals of success, it's Darren Hardy, publisher and editorial director of SUCCESS magazine! This book is about a return and focus on the basics, what it really takes to earn success. Make The Compound Effect your operations manual for life—one simple step at a time!"

—Dr. Tony Alessandra

Vic Conant

"With The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy has joined the ranks of the great self-improvement authors! If you are serious about success and living your true potential, reading this book is a must. It will serve as your operations manual for success."

—Vic Conant

Tony Jeary

"Life is fast with lots of distractions. If you want to advance effectively, don't just read this book—study it with a highlighter."

—Tony Jeary

Steve Farber

"SUCCESS magazine has been a fountain of powerful ideas since the day it was launched over a century ago. Now, Darren Hardy, the journal's 21st-century steward, has distilled the essential fundamentals you'll need to create the life you've always imagined. You shouldn't read this book—you should devour it from cover to cover."

—Steve Farber

Keith Ferrazzi

"This is a must-read book for success seekers. You want to know what it takes? You want to know what to do? It's all here. This is your operation manual for success."

—Keith Ferrazzi

Dr. Nido R. Qubein

"Fundamentals never change! Darren Hardy powerfully and persuasively shows you how you can have both success and significance if you'll follow the clear and concise ideas in this book. You'll love this work. Hardy is a genius for pulling it all together."

—Dr. Nido R. Qubein

Jeffrey Hayzlett

"The Compound Effect is a powerful, comprehensive guide to success. It gives a complete strategy to get you from where you are to where you want to be. The name Darren Hardy means success! My advice is read the book, do the work, and achieve success."

—Jeffrey Hayzlett

John Assaraf

"You can take the rest of your life and try to figure out how to achieve success, or you can follow the proven and tested principals and methods found in this book. It's your choice, do it the hard way. or do it the smart way!"

—John Assaraf

Don Hutson

"Finally! Darren Hardy has done it with this book. It's a terrific distillation of the essential fundamentals needed to achieve the life you've always imagined. Master these basics, and you will be the master of your future!"

—Don Hutson

Jim Cathcart

"Your life will be the net result of each step you take. Let this powerful guide show you how to make better choices, develop better habits, and think better thoughts. Your success is truly in your hands... in this book."

—Jim Cathcart

Tony Hsieh

"At Zappos, one of our core values is to Pursue Growth and Learning. In the lobby of our headquarters, we have a giving library where we give away books to employees and visitors that we think will help with their growth, both personally and professionally. I can't wait to add The Compound Effectto our library."

—Tony Hsieh

Larry Benet

"If there were ever a person who has his finger on the pulse of success, it's Darren Hardy, publisher and editorial director of SUCCESS magazine. I always look forward to reading what he has to say. He is a great synthesizer of great ideas."

—Larry Benet

Ron White

"I have had a front row seat to observe Darren's success over the last few years and never fully knew the keys to his achievement. He has unselfishly revealed his secrets with The Compound Effect so that others can learn from his success. In my eyes, it is more valuable than gold!"

—Ron White

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