Who Stole the American Dream II?  The Book Your Boss Still Doesn't Want You to Read! by Burke Hedges
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Who Stole the American Dream II? The Book Your Boss Still Doesn't Want You to Read! by Burke Hedges

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  • Author:Burke Hedges
  • Paperback:133 Pages
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1-891279-18-1
  • ISBN-13:978-1-891279-18-8
  • Publication Date:2007
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Why I Wrote This Book

Have you ever been made fun of... ridiculed... abused... misunderstood and mocked... 
until finally there came a time when you stood up and shouted, 


Well, I've come to that point in my life. I'm mad-- and i'm not going to put up with it anymore!

So, I'm writing this book to set the record straight and tell you the truth... 
to tell you what your real chances are today to make it in conventional businesses that are cutting salaries and benefits or, 
even worse, closing their doors- and laying off people by the thousands.

Notice I said " conventional businesses" Truth is, there is another way...
an unconventional business where average people can be their own boss and succeed in an industry that is revolutionizing 
the way the world lives, shops and works.

In this fast-growing industry called Affiliate Marketing, you can set your own hours... set your won goals..
and earn anywhere from part-time income to an absolute fortune.

Is Affiliate Marketing a scam?... A scheme?... Or the American Dream?

You deserve to know the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth!

Read this book... and you be the judge!

Burke Hedges

Author - Speaker - Entrepreneur

For more than 20 years Burke has championed the crusade for personal and financial independence. 
Today he travels the world giving talks and seminars on wealth-building principles that have helped thousands of people release their inner entrepreneur. 
To date, Burke's seven books on personal growth and free enterprise have sold more than three million copies and been translated into 20 languages.

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