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Front Cover
Front Cover

You Can't Steal Second with Your Foot on First by Burke Hedges

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Why You Should Choose to Become Independent in a Job-Dependent World!
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Is Job-ism A bigger Threat To America Than Communism?

You'll never fully appreciate what the word "free" in free enterprise means until has been taken from you. I know, because in 1959 my father was a successful businessman in Cuba worth over $20 million. When Fidel Castro and his communist government took over the country, my parents were forced to escape overnight with just the clothes on their backs. I tell you this because I see millions of my fellow Americans taking free enterprise for granted! And it breaks my heart!

The sad truth is, Americans have conditioned themselves to believe in a movement almost as dangerous as Communism. I call it Job-ism. Under Communism, the government takes away your freedom and forces you to depend on them for all your basic needs. Under Job-ism, you voluntarily give away your freedom in exchange for a weekly paycheck. That's why Iv'e written this book -- to change the dissatisfied employees of America to own their own lives again by owning their own business... never again having to worry about a boss looking over their shoulders!

That's why I decided to write this book. To warn you to beware of the velvet trap of job dependence. To let you know there's a high price to be paid for depending on the government or an employer for your livelihood. To steer you back on the right path once and for all, to independence through free enterprise!

What You Can Expect From This Book

In the first section of this book, titles " Either way, you pay! " you'll learn that the key to independence  has been right in front of you all along. You'l learn that the price you'll pay for a life of mediocrity is much higher than the price you'll have to pay for success.  In the second section, titled " An American Addiction -- Being Broke, " you'll learn why being broke is reaching epidemic proportions and why there's a big difference between being broke and being poor. Finally, you'll learn about the myth of job-security and why jobs are becoming less and less secure. In the final section, "An Intelligent Alternative: Independence Through Free Enterprise, " You'll learn the secret of creating -- and keeping -- wealth. You'll learn all about what I consider to be the ideal business for the coming decade, and you'll be challenged to break out of the cycle of dependence once and for all by signing your personal Declaration of Independence!

I'd like to think this book is more than a book about making money or going into business for yourself. It's really about making choices.  Here's a poem that says it better than I ever could:

"There was a very cautious man
Who never laughed or played.
He never risked, he never tried;
He never sang or prayed.
And when he one day passed away
His insurance was denied.
For since he never lived,
They claimed he never died."

It's my sincere hope that this book will encourage you to choose independence over dependence... to free yourself form a boss... to choose to act rather than procrastinate... and to choose, above all, to live your life with purpose and passion rather than fearful caution.


Burke inherited his father's love of free enterprise, and by the age of 28 he had earned over $3 million in four different businesses. Today he lives and works in St. Petersburg, FL where he oversees several fast-growing companies. Burke has authored two books on free enterprise and travels frequently Throughout the world giving speeches and seminars on free enterprise in both Spanish and English.

A must read for every dissatisfied employee in America!

Table of Contents


Part 1 : Either Way, You!

Chapter  1  The day I Wont $86 Million!
Chapter  2   To Live is To Risk
Chapter  3   Change... Or Be Changed!
Chapter  4   Choice Not Chance, Determines Your Destiny

Part 2 : An American Addiction- Being Broke

Chapter  5   Being Broke Ain't No Joke
Chapter  6   Being Broke vs. Being Poor
Chapter  7   Are you  A Victim... Or A Victor?
Chapter  8   The Rise And Fall Of The Late, Great Job

Part  3 : An Intelligent Alternative: Independence Through Free Enterprise

Chapter  9    Own... Or Be Owned!
Chapter  10  So, What's The Secret Of The Wealthy, Anyway?
Chapter  11  The Ideal Business
Chapter  12  You Can't Steal Second With Your Foot On First
Chapter  13  Singing Your Personal Declaration Of Independence
Chapter  14  You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover

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