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You, INC. Discover the C.E.O. within! By Burke Hedges

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Take Charge of Your Business -- And your Life!

You, Inc. is based on the premise that each of us is founder, CEO, and 100% stockholder in our own company -- You, Inc. 

The 10 principles in this book will empower you to think and act like a well-run, highly profitable corporation.

Why You Must Think -- You, Inc.! 10 Simple principles to dramatically increase your fair market value!

By learning and applying the 10 simple principles in this book, you will become more valuable in virtually every phase of your life. And as your value increases, 
you will become more secure in your job... more productive in your business... more vital to your friends and family... and more fulfilled in your personal and professional life.

10 Principles of You, Inc.

  1. Take Responsibility encourages you to take control of your life
  2. Dare to Dream reminds you that dreams are the blueprints of success
  3. Power of Belief encourages you to re-program yourself with I CAN thinking
  4. Courage to Take Action reminds us that small actions yield big results
  5. Attitude Is Everything confirms that you are what you think
  6. Develop Productive Habits encourages u to replace bad habits with good ones
  7. Manage your Emotions explains why you need to run your emotions, so that your emotions don't run you
  8. Prepare for Success emphasizes the importance of reading books... attending seminars... listening to Audio books... and associating with winners
  9. Balance Your Life explains the "Five F's" of balance: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finances
  10. Change -- or Be Changed tells you how to make change work FOR you, instead of against you.
What You Will Learn:

  • How to dramatically increase your value in every area of your life
  • How to realize massive improvements through small, consistent actions
  • How to expand the way you think of yourself and the world around you
  • How to uncover your hidden assets... and leverage them into incredible personal and financial wealth
  • How to become more than you ever dreamed 
  • How to THINK, YOU, Inc ... and discover the CEO within!

Burke Hedges 
Author - Speaker - Entrepreneur

A life-long entrepreneur, Burke owns and operates several fast-growing businesses in the Tampa Bay area. He is author of numerous books, including the international best-seller Who Stole the American Dream?, with over one million copies in print.

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Burke is exclusively dedicating himself to spreading the message of free enterprise and personal development through live appearances, Books and Audio Programs.

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